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Adult Volunteers:


Hopefully you have enough adult participants to make drivers a non-issue. But even so, make sure you have enough drivers and car space for passengers and gear. A minivan might hold 7 people, but if it’s a backpack trip, probably not all that gear!


After you’ve determined how many Scouts and adults are going, you need to meet with the adults to see if there is enough room for people and gear. If there is, then you’re all set. If not, you will need to solicit additional adult drivers. The obvious choices are those adults whose Scouts are going. Since the adults are not staying for the outing, you will need additional drivers to get you there AND to pick you up. For the drivers picking up, make sure you are clear on the pick-up time and location. Trade cell phone numbers as well.


A worse case scenario is that you can’t get enough drivers to get everyone there. Go to the committee for help. If that doesn’t work (this is very rare), you will need to either cancel the trip, change the trip, or reduce the number of participants. You’ll need to determine how best to proceed. Get help from the committee.


Finally, you will need to determine the gas money situation. Generally, drivers don’t ask for reimbursement. We never have for local trips (i.e. Los Padres National Forest) and in the past, we haven’t for long distance trips (i.e. the Sierras). However, with gas prices skyrocketing, we have started asking for at least partial reimbursements for long distance trips. Discuss this with your drivers to see how they feel. If you do want to collect money, make it know to the Scouts well in advance and collect the money in advance as well.

How To Plan a Camping or Backpacking Trip

Trip Planning Checklist

Location:             Where are you going?   |   Permits & Reservations   |   Closures, Water & Campfires

Who's Going?:     Getting Scouts Signed Up   |   Adult Patrol   |   Scout Patrol

Group Planning:  Menus & Shopping   |   Patrol Gear & Tent Buddies   |   Departure Time & Location   |    Drivers   |   Tour Permit

On The Trip:        Roles & Responsibilities