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Patrol Gear & Tent Buddies

As the patrols plan their meals, they also need to think about cooking utensils and stoves. Having too much or not enough are equally bad (too much on a car camp is OK). Once all the items and quantities are identified, Scouts need to be assigned to bring them. This is part of their planning.


On the back of the Menu Planner is a Patrol Equipment checklist. Not all these items need to brought on every trip, but if this list is reviewed, it will reduce the risk of the Scouts forgetting something important.


Common Patrol items to bring are:

  • 2 qt. Pot with Lid

  • Fry Pan (if frying eggs/sausage/hash browns for breakfast)

  • Spatula

  • 1-2 stoves with fuel

  • Scrubber Sponge with Camp Suds


The troop has several camp stoves and utensil sets in the storage shed. The Quartermaster can help with the checking out of this equipment.


Water filters and water buckets tend to be group gear and not patrol gear. Make sure you think about those items and who will carry them.


When an adult leader or Troop Guide reviews each patrol's menu for completeness, they should also review their plan for Patrol gear.


Just like Patrol Gear, tent buddies should also be determined during the outing planning session. Scouts should be discouraged from sleeping by themselves. On a backpack trip, 2-3 per tent is recommended. Generally, people in the patrols have tents. The Troop has one two person tent that can be “rented” if needed. Again, check with the Quartermaster on availability.


Adults need to do the same Patrol gear planning as the Scouts do. However, they typically sleep by themselves, so tent buddy planning is not necessary.

How To Plan a Camping or Backpacking Trip

Trip Planning Checklist

Location:             Where are you going?   |   Permits & Reservations   |   Closures, Water & Campfires

Who's Going?:     Getting Scouts Signed Up   |   Adult Patrol   |   Scout Patrol

Group Planning:  Menus & Shopping   |   Patrol Gear & Tent Buddies   |   Departure Time & Location   |    Drivers   |   Tour Permit

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