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Trip Planning Checklist

May 2014


There is some great information on the website to get more detailed information about the following.  Each one of the links on this checklist will take you to the section in the web page for more details.


1)   Scouts choose activities for the year WHERE?


2)   Adults meet in September and help match those activities to dates and leaders.


3)   6 months – 6 weeks prior


     a)   Leaders for each trip will make the reservations.  Parents do not need to accompany their son, but we do need at least two leaders and

           about 2 per 4-5 boys.  Some trips, like Anza-Borrego, require reservations 6 months prior to the trip.


     b)   Get committee approval for any expenses, if necessary


     c)   Obtain permits


     d)   Start discussing the trip in the meeting 4-6 weeks before the trip


4)   3-4  weeks prior


     a)   Get a list of interested Scouts and leaders


     b)   Reserve the climbing gear from the council office


     c)   Secure deposits, non-refundable portion (camping or permit fees)


     d)   Call the ranger office if there is a chance that the road or trail will be impassible due to washout or snow.


     e)   Check if water is available


     f)    Check on fire restrictions


5)   2 weeks prior


     a)   Finalize attendees


     b)   Define drivers


     c)   Make sure all adult leaders have had Youth Protection training and necessary doctor’s physical exams, especially for summer camps

           and Philmont


     d)   Get email addresses for attendees and drivers


     e)   Determine badges/chits/requirements


     f)    Set a date for the planning meeting 1-2 weeks prior to trip


6)   At the planning meeting the Scouts will divide into patrols of 3-5 Scouts each and will plan their own:


     a)   Identify Patrol Leaders


     b)   Meals – Usually each Scout will bring one group meal and individual lunches


     c)   Patrol gear – divide up necessary cooking stove, fuel, pots, dishes


     d)   Check equipment of new Scouts


     e)   Sleeping – coordinate with each other using the tents that are available in the group


     f)   The adults will form their own patrols and not be part of the Scout patrols but will be available to guide the Scouts and adults will not share

           a tent with any Scout except their own son.  We encourage the Scouts to tent with other Scouts.


7)   Form a list of Scouts, adults, drivers and (number of seats) like this:


       Rancheria 4 adults, 10 scouts

       Dave Carstensen (5)

       Greg G-S (6)

       John Marsicano (6)

       Brent Tapia

       Paul G-S

       Jordan Marsicano

       Evan Baker…


8)   5-7 days prior


     a)   Send an email to all attendees.  A template is here. Include the following in your email:


           1)   List of who is coming and driving

           2)   Current weather forecast, including link location at

           3)   Reminder for any specific equipment or clothing that may be different for this trip

           4)   Reminder to get a copy of the permission slip

           5)   Reminder that if anyone needs to change their plans to notify the leader and Patrol Leader

           6)   Maps, for getting to the basecamp or trailhead, but detailed topo maps are best handed out at the trailhead


     b)    File for a Tour Permit online OR copy the Tour Permit liaison (Beth Baker in 2014) with information about who is driving and attending.


9)   Backpacking trips may have an additional pack check meeting to make sure that each hiker has all the necessary items just a couple days

      prior to the trip.


10)   All drivers need to get their car and insurance information to the person who is getting the Tour Permit


11)   Be sure to pick a meeting time early enough so you can get everyone organized and loaded up for an on-time departure.


12)   During the trip


      a)   Drivers will not caravan but will get each others' phone numbers and/or radio info.


      b)   Scouts can use the leaders' phones to call home on the return route to confirm arrival time.


      c)   Senior Patrol Leader SPL will lead Buds, Thorns, and Roses time of sharing.


13)   After the trip


      a)   Send attendance email with summary, number of camping nights and backpack miles


      b)   Send final cost accounting to treasurer for account debiting -- fuel, driven miles, parking fees, entrance fees, special awards,

How To Plan a Camping or Backpacking Trip

Trip Planning Checklist

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